Monday revolutionizes
the way you work

Centralize all your work, your processes, your tools in a single Work OS. Connect teams, reduce silos and create a single, fast source of information.

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A single collaborative space,
visual and brilliantly versatile

Different teams have different needs. Customize Monday for each of them. Manage day-to-day business, projects, workflows and processes - simple or complex - with ease.

Project management

Tasks & workload

Operations & processes

Sales & CRM


Support & tickets

HR & admin

Logistics & Frontline

Manage everything in one workspace

Manage tasks, projects, sessions, and workflows with ease, without switching tools. And anywhere, thanks to the iOS and Android app.

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A software that adapts to all professions

Configure Monday for each of your needs, each of your teams. Without technical knowledge, on the fly and even in a few seconds thanks to the pre-designed templates. 

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Simplify communication

All information in one place for seamless collaboration. No more back and forth emails and discussions without context.

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Automate to save time

Automate repetitive work in seconds. Create complex workflows without technical expertise. Focus on the essentials and let Monday do the rest.

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Follow and synthesize all operations

Display data in the right view. Stay up to date with everything that's happening in the business and plan for the future with an easy-to-understand view. Create dashboards, without code, to see your entire business at a glance.

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Invite your customers

Work more efficiently and transparently by involving your customers and partners. Just invite them. And it's free!

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For those who want to
do better with less is aimed at organizations that want to gain in flexibility, simplicity and transform the way teams work. Productivity, collaborative dynamics, information intelligence and automation are taken to a whole new level.

Testimonial from a Swiss SME Monday

Nova Groupe

A Valais-based real estate development and architecture firm talks about its experience with Monday and the benefits it has brought.

Create a unified workspace by integrating over 50 tools you already use.

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As experts, we help you master Monday and adapt it to your business. Take advantage of our experience to transform the way you do things.

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