About Axxun

Our mission is to help organizations and their employees create a truly better work environment: more productive, more engaged and better equipped to create a better future. Learn more

Axxun Evalua is a work organization consulting and cloud solutions integration company, founded in 2007 and based in Vevey, near Lausanne. We are a Google partner since 2012 and a Monday.com partner since 2019.

Our work is based on 3 axes: evolving company cultures, transforming ways of doing things through more modern and adapted methods, and promoting the best cloud solutions.

The tools and methods of daily life date from the mid-90s. Even more outdated are the ways of thinking, managing and producing. This leads to stress, fatigue and dissatisfaction.

We believe in a smarter, more generous work environment, powered by a new mindset, better methods and more efficient tools. In a changing world, where resources are becoming more expensive and scarce, companies and people must discover and exploit the intangible value that lies within them. We believe that this is where the challenge lies for companies.

Our clients are companies of all sizes, schools, public institutions, associations and NGOs.

Our pro bono program allows organizations working for the common good to benefit from our services free of charge or at special rates.

Towards the
work environment of the future

Boost cohesion, collaboration and productivity, and help employees reduce overload and stress.

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