Chrome Enterprise

The highest level of security and easiest IT management for everyday work with Chrome Enterprise: one OS, one browser, and one device. Learn more about Chrome Enterprise

Why choose Chrome Enterprise

With Google Chrome Enterprise, you get the built-in business features of Chrome OS, the Chrome browser, and Chrome devices. Chrome is a secure, versatile, and reliable system that frees up IT teams.

Chrome OS is a versatile, mobile, and secure native cloud operating system. It's easy to use and manage, and provides fast access to cloud applications from anywhere, from any Chrome device.

The Chrome browser provides a reliable and consistent browsing experience across all devices with built-in protections, centralized management, and enterprise-wide controls for IT administrators.

Chrome devices (desktop, laptop, tablets, USB sticks) are the most secure and manageable devices on the market. Deploying and managing a fleet of dozens or hundreds of devices takes just a few clicks. Your IT administrator can configure policies for each device and/or user in great detail.

Chromebooks help you reduce costs, simplify operations, reduce security risks, and reduce downtime.

Axxun recommends Acer Chrome devices for the quality of the hardware and the after-sales service in Switzerland.

Security is at the heart of the design of Chrome OS and the Chrome browser. Leverage the power of Chrome Enterprise to protect users from threats and deliver trusted applications to enterprise employees.

For example, Chrome OS is particularly effective against ransomware because it is designed as a read-only OS, with primary storage in the cloud. Or, Chrome OS and the Chrome browser use a sandboxing mechanism to isolate processes and limit the scope of a potential attack.

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