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Digital Animal is a training program for people who want to adopt a more modern, productive and healthy way of working. To be able to achieve more, in a more relaxed way, with less effort and stress. To find out more

Learning to be efficient and productive is like acquiring a superpower.

Our lives - professional as well as private - are made complex by the excess of information, hyperconnectivity, the influx of demands, the overload of options, choices, opportunities and decisions to make.

To be productive and creative, you need to be in control, relaxed and focused. The art of efficiency lies in knowing how to manage time and priorities effortlessly and, above all, in freeing up and protecting mental space.

  • Effortlessly manage the most insignificant to the most important elements of your professional and private life.
  • Give yourself the mental space to be more focused and creative, less stressed and less tired.
  • Master tools to quickly organize time, tasks and projects.
  • Define your best practices to control the nuisances that pollute your daily life and steal your time.
  • To have the guarantee of always doing the right thing at the right time, despite an environment or days that can be changeable and unpredictable.

Digital Animal is designed for individuals, teams and managers looking to improve their productivity and quality of life by effortlessly mastering everything they need to keep on top of, manage and organize.

  • On premise, participants meet in groups of 8 to 10 maximum.
  • Topics are covered in the form of short, concrete and varied exercises, with individual debriefing.
  • The tips are summarized on memory cards.
  • Exchange of experience on the following day.
  • Implementation in the following weeks.
  • Follow-up to support implementation.

Staying in control of your time, priorities and objectives is not as easy as it sounds. If you can manage 5 minutes perfectly, does that mean you can have a 6th? Don't priorities dictate themselves according to the unexpected? Don't information and demands pour down on us like a deluge?

Focusing on your core values and goals - both personal and professional - is essential. But that doesn't mean there's less to do. On the contrary, it raises the bar.

In an increasingly turbulent, unpredictable and changing environment, new practices are needed for a new reality.

To be efficient and creative, we need to be able to stay in control, relaxed and focused. It takes personal habits of clarity, mastery and creativity to protect what we love, those we love and ourselves.

Digital Animal synthesizes the best practices dedicated to your personal organization - both private and professional - with those dedicated to teams and projects.

Digital Animal is a laic approach : it's non-dogmatic (it doesn't decide for you what's important and what isn't), applicable to your private and professional life, to all professions, all sectors and all positions.

Here are a few of the concepts involved:

  • Create a system that will host and track everything you've got in your head so that... you've got nothing left in your head but the mental space to create, think and produce.
  • Manage both the big picture and the small details in the blink of an eye.
  • Protect yourself from nuisance and constant interruptions.
  • Know how to plan tasks and projects naturally and artificially.
  • Use your calendar in ways you've never been shown before.
  • Manage your e-mail in half the time.
  • Manage and plan projects with less effort and greater precision.
  • No longer afraid of changes impacting a project, but using them as an asset.

Not changing is too expensive

Rampant digitalization has rapidly and dramatically changed the nature of our activities and our environment. We are witnessing an unprecedented deluge of daily demands, and unprecedented levels of permanent stress. Too much information, too many decisions, too many items to keep track of arriving too quickly, in volumes too large to be processed calmly.

In a VUCA world, old models are no longer enough. New practices are needed for new realities.

Over and above the abysmal loss of productivity for the company, it's the quality of work and the quality of life that is being permanently degraded. It's time to change this and regain control.

Tame your inner
digital animal

Free yourself from toxic practices to regain control of your time, your serenity and your concentration.

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