All your processes, from sales to after-sales. Reinvented.

Manage your prospects, contracts, customers, projects and much more in a single space that adapts to your needs in real time.

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Monday Sales CRM

From pre-sales to after-sales in a single collaborative, visual and ingeniously versatile space

Different teams have different needs. Customize Monday Sales CRM for each of them. Manage day-to-day prospecting and contract management, projects, workflows and processes - simple or complex - with ease.

Sales pipeline

Contacts and contracts

Projects & Tasks

Operations & processes

Dashboards & tracking

Marketing activities

After-sales service

Automation & integration

Fully customizable

Easily customize your CRM to work for you, without the need for a developer. Modify contract signature steps, add as many columns as you like, manage multiple pipelines at once, and much more.

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Monday Custom CRM

Centralize communication

Communicate effectively with your contacts by integrating your e-mails. Automatically log sent e-mails, track interactions and use personalized e-mail templates to save time.

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Monday CRM unified communication

Simplify communication

All information in one place for seamless collaboration. No more back-and-forth emails or discussions without context. With a single click, quickly access all the information you need to close deals, understand contract status and what needs to be done next.

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Automate to save time

Save valuable time by automating sales processes or manual tasks. Automatically assign leads to sales reps, set reminders for upcoming activities, automate follow-ups based on time spent, and much more.

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Monday CRM process automation

Follow and synthesize all operations

Easily create real-time dashboards without the need for a developer. Gain visibility on transaction status, expected sales, team performance and more.

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Create a unified workspace by integrating over 50 tools you already use.

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As experts, we help you master Monday Sales CRM and adapt it to your business. Take advantage of our experience to transform the way you do business.

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