Cloud backup for Google Workspace

All your Google Workspace data backed up multiple times a day, with unlimited retention and a healthy dose of AI to prevent threats. Thanks to an ultra-modern cloud-to-cloud backup solution. Learn more about Google Workspace

Why choose a cloud backup

A cloud-native, fully automated backup and recovery solution with AI-powered damage prevention mechanisms (such as ransomware).

Flexible restoration at a specific time, snapshots up to 3 times a day (and on demand) and unlimited retention.

Backup of all G Suite data: emails, calendars, files, etc. With 100% fidelity, including access permissions.

Instant data export (direct download) of selected data or complete user accounts

Afi automatically manages backup schedules according to the protection levels (SLA) assigned by the administrator for OUs or single users.

New G Suite users and Shared Drives are automatically discovered and protected.

Shared drives or users deleted from the G Suite account are automatically archived and available at any time for restoration and export.

Early detection of ransomware attacks with instant email notifications to the administrator.

Instant preventive backups preserve G Suite data in case of data encryption problems.

Self-labeling of recovery points to define the last clean snapshot not affected by attacks.

Immutable backup storage - past recovery points cannot be affected by cyberattacks.

Intelligent error handling of the G-suite API (4xx, 5xx), prediction engine to avoid the limit of API calls.

Parallel execution, automatic rescheduling, reconfiguration and problematic backup attempts.

Instant email alerts for administrators, in addition to configurable regular email updates.

Data at rest is encrypted with AES265 and TLS 1.2 for data in transit.

Select an Afi backup storage region, or connect your own cloud storage.

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