G Suite training for users & administrators

Training users and IT administrators in G Suite increases their performance tenfold. If you are quickly familiar with Google tools, we teach you advanced features and the right methods to work faster, more efficiently and do better than before.

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Your employees can innovate in their work thanks to new possibilities. Create an intranet in a few clicks or automate communication by email for example.

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Specialists in G Suite – formerly Google Apps – since 2011, we have mastered the solution from all these angles. More than just the use of functionalities, we bring good practices and good methods to boost collaboration and employee efficiency.

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Just on the time saved every day, the savings outweigh the training costs in less than 4 months. That is why training users is essential.

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Our G Suite training courses

The training sessions are given by a G Suite training consultant. They can be done in the presidential or remote, in groups or individually.

All G Suite – Basic

Get started quickly with the features of G Suite.

3 hours

All G Suite – Advance

Master the advanced features of G Suite.

3 hours

Collaborative dynamics

Adopt more efficient and faster ways of doing things.

4 hours

Collaborative office automation & templates

Collaborative office suite & templates

3 hours

Administer G Suite & procedures

Know how to configure and manage G Suite as a whole.

3 hours

Data & Device Security

Security management, reports and alerts.

2 hours

Anything else you need?

We also organize training and workshops on the themes of your choice in the format of your choice (on site, remotely, floor-walking, face-to-face coaching).

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