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Axxun has been a Google Cloud Partner and reseller for Switzerland since 2012. We can assist you with all phases of transition to ensure swift, successful uptake. What you may already know about G Suite is just the tip of the iceberg – make the most of our experience to explore new frontiers!

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What we provide


We can help you with G Suite evaluation and scheduling. Thanks to our performance assessment chart, you can identify obstacles, the impacts of changes in your environment, and key benefits. Our consultants can also assist your teams in a pilot phase where necessary.


We have expertise in deployment methods, best practices, and data migration to the Google environment. Your IT staff will benefit from major skills transfer.


We train users and administrators. We offer a full change management programme (talks, trainings, intranet, office hours, brochures, etc.) to help you adopt G suite really quickly. Training is the key to success: staff are more efficient and everything goes faster.


We help you redefine processes and workflows, and develop new methods for cooperation and collaboration. Boost your teams and release untapped potential by adopting an agile digital work environment – and mindset.

Why G Suite

G Suite – formerly Google Apps – is for organizations that want to gain agility, transform the way teams think and work, and gain simplicity. With G Suite and our consultants, push the boundaries: performance, collaborative dynamics, information intelligence, data control are taken to a whole new level.


Faster and more efficient communication, no matter where people are or what the device is.


All the tools to collaborate more closely, make decisions faster and get better results.


Store, share and retrieve all data anywhere, anytime. Information becomes intelligent and better controlled.


The highest level of security and control for data and simple management of the entire G Suite environment.

Who are you?


G Suite for Business brings a smarter work environment, unprecedented time savings, and revolutionizes team collaboration, wherever they are and boosts their productivity. Everything you need to work on any device, no software or hardware to buy and install.

You enjoy an exceptional level of security for your data, even on personal mobile devices. With an open eco-system, G Suite is compatible with thousands of third-party solutions, including those you already use. For example, with Drive File Stream, you work with your traditional software (MS Office, Adobe, etc.), the files being served directly from Google’s secure servers.

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Non profit

G Suite for Nonprofits is a completely free suite of productivity and collaboration. It helps non-profit organizations collaborate better, work faster and more efficiently, from anywhere, in real time.

You get the ultimate in data security and accessibility. Data is independent of personal computers, hardware or insecure servers, wherever your staff may be. You manage your infrastructure with extraordinary simplicity.

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G Suite for Education is completely free for schools and universities. Teachers, students and staff collaborate more easily. With Classroom, G Suite brings a unique and modern online school dimension as expected by students and teachers.

100% online, there is no hardware or software to buy, install and maintain. Your users work from anywhere, safely and according to your rules. Manage a fleet of Chromebooks and mobile devices in a few clicks.

EPFL and public schools in Switzerland use G Suite.

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