Evernote in your company

With a certified Evernote consultant, Axxun accompanies you. From consulting and product evaluation to training and the transformation of processes and methodologies that will turn your employees into collaborative ninjas.

What we do


We advise you in the evaluation of Evernote. We audit your organization to prevent blocking factors, identify impacts in your environment and large benefits.


We train users in Evernote, best practices and modern collaboration methods so they can quickly realize its full potential.


We help you redefine your processes and workflows, realign the way you collaborate with better methods and current best practices. You boost your teams and release untapped potential.


Why choose Evernote

Inspiration, ideas, come up anywhere. With Evernote, you capture everything, anywhere, so you don’t forget anything. From the initial idea to the final presentation to your client, Evernote accompanies you and gives you a mastery of information like never before.

For an individual

The ultimate individual work tool for taking notes, staying organized, capturing, processing and sharing information. Ideal for sales people, managers and their assistants, creative people, for example.

For a team

Without equivalent to boost the productivity of a team: collaboration, communication, mobility of ideas and information are taken to a whole new level. Perfect for example in creative teams, marketing, etc.

For your company

Evernote deployed across the enterprise, and the entire organization benefits from an organic and enriched view of the mass of information captured and stored. And an ability to manage it never seen before.

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