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G Suite superior to Office 365

G Suite better than Office 365

If the G Suite is no longer discussed as an alternative to Microsoft 365, Microsoft keeps the favor of IT – the strength and comfort of habit perhaps. G Suite is however superior for those who want to carry out the digital transformation of the working environment. Ending with the IT of the last century […]

Hyperconnected: the brain in danger

G Suite better than Office 365

The deluge of digital data is affecting us from all sides, everywhere and all the time. Our computers and smartphones are a constant source of attention. This constant zapping has an impact on our brain with cognitive overloads and increased stress, especially in the world of work. How can we cope with this ever-increasing flow? […]

Google Drive, a cloud server?

The roll-out of Drive File Stream in the summer of 2017 significantly enhanced the potential of Google Drive, allowing organizations to use it as a single storage for their files instead of a traditional server. Sharing & collaboration Google Drive and the Docs embedded office suite first allowed organizations to exploit new ways of collaborating. […]